Why rapidsales

rapidsales’ purpose is to make a significant contribution to the way you sell and distribute your products. With our integrity and commitment to completion, rapidsales aims to help you thrive in the new normal business environment.

rapidsales is an e-commerce web store

In an increasingly connected world, adding rapidsales to your online arsenal is a good choice to increase brand exposure and awareness. An estimated 87% of buying begins with online searches and to validate sales calls.

With an e-commerce webstore you can tell your customers about your company, showcase, and sell your products, complement your sales force, and take cash or account payments online.

During 2020, companies with an online presence outperformed those who had not invested in an e-commerce sales channel.

Selling on an e-commerce platform like rapidsales, whether integrated to your ERP/accounting system and making use of the existing debtors and stock master file information, or as a standalone website, has multiple benefits:

  • Giving your customers access to your showroom 24 hours a day
  • Extending your reach and broaden your product offering
  • Highlighting special offers
  • Providing information without costly paper catalogues, brochures and salespeople having to carry collateral
  • Fast go-to-market time
  • No need for technical knowledge or staff
  • Informing your customers on stock availability, prices, promotions
  • Influencing purchases and enjoy a higher conversion rate
  • Lowering operational costs and higher margins
  • Decreasing risk of shrinkage
  • Saving time and money
  • Personalisation by customer and get feedback
  • Convenience

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rapidsales is an e-commerce website that allows your customers to place orders. This gives them access to your showroom with real-time pricing that includes deals and even trade promotions. It allows customers to track and trace orders and create shopping lists. You can easily brand your website, upload and update banners, and brand logos can be added in different locations. Watch the video for more information.

Customer search

With a strong and flexible search functionality, rapidsales allows customers to search your e-commerce site for products in three ways: by product name, product ID or product descriptions. They can then use product categories to refine the search results. Alternatively, you can keep it simple with three levels of categorisation to search from or allowing search by clicking on a brand logo for results. Watch the video to see how.

Shopping list

With rapidsales, creating a shopping list from the cart on your e-commerce website is simple and easy. Watch the video to find out how.

Product Information

rapidsales allows you to keep your customers informed by giving them access to product information when they are logged in to your e-commerce site. This will help decrease stock returns. If you integrate rapidsales with your ERP, customers will also be able to see the available stock levels. View the video below for more information.

Browsing Options

rapidsales provide the option for customers to browse your e-commerce site without being logged in. However, they will only be able to view product detail and pricing from the catalogue once they’re logged in. Orders will be sent to the ERP if you have rapidsales integrated. If not, you will receive an email with the order. View the video below for more information.

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