Rep Management

Being able to plan, strategise and implement your ideas has never been easier.

The fact that you are able to use one platform for your sales activity management, tracking and tracing your day to day sales activities, and monitoring all of your sales reps in terms of all of their sales, is more than enough of a reason to take a look at what rapidtrade has to offer.

Sales activity management has enabled sales representatives with the ability to keep up to date with their dealings throughout the days, weeks and months. Above this, your business will be able to keep track of your representatives, as well as keep leads even if an employee were to leave.

rapidtrade provides a service which is focused on building the relationship between you and your customers, where your sales reps will improve in their productivity and increase the number of sales while also bringing customer satisfaction.

  • rapidtargets helps keep your representatives on track
  • Capturing of important information
  • Ensure issues are reported on
  • Keep tabs on lead history
  • Ensure representative see customers
  • Track record of representatives’ whereabouts through reports

rapidtargets uses rep management in order to see where a sales rep is,
where they are projected to be, as well as how they can improve.

Be sure to browse the rapiddelivery page for information on our VanSales service.

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