Mobile Sales

Order management, provides your business with the tools and platform to be able to work both online and offline, regularly be updated on stock availability, real time pricing and updates on products, which helps to improve the productivity and efficiency of your sales representatives.

Having to meet sales targets is something which all sales representatives find difficult simply because of the fact that sales are closed both online and offline, and this becomes difficult to manage as time goes on.

On top of this, providing competitive rates as well as an excellent customer service all need to be upheld in order for your business to add value to your consumers and keeps your representatives up to speed

  • Allow customers to see your showroom
  • No paper based deal sheets
  • Order confirmation gets sent directly to you and your customers
  • Provide your customer with the correct price on the spot
  • Trade promos allow you to push products or delete old stock

Price list includes:

  • Deals
  • Contract pricing
  • Volume discounts
  • Stock levels

rapidtrade provides their rapidorders system in order to help both the sales rep and customer.
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