Rapidorders is a mobile ordering system which ensures that a company is capable of maintaining communication and sales orders with customers. This includes from the start of the business agreement all the way to after-sales service.

Order management, provides your business and staff with the platform necessary to work both online and offline. If Integrated the software will regularly update your stock availability, real time pricing and updates on products. It will also ensure that customers can track where in the delivery process the order is.

The use of the software is an improvement on the overall productivity and efficiency of your sales representatives.

There are always sales targets which have to be met and as such, it can be difficult to manage. This includes the tracking and storing of information and data. Sales are often closed for both online and offline use.

With the use of rapidorders, all information is tracked and stored instantly. On top of this, each sector of your business is made aware of sales. The platform allows for each department to view and interact with information which is necessary for their specific tasks.

The software is an addition to a business’s day to day functions. Likewise it ensures that tasks which can be automated are. This allows for more focus to be put on the tasks which matter than ones which can be completed without human interaction.

rapidorders offers competitive rates to all clients looking for order management systems. Your business will add value to consumers and keeps representatives up to speed:

  • Allow customers to see your showroom
  • No paper based deal sheets
  • Order confirmation gets sent directly to you and your customers
  • Provide your customer with the correct price on the spot
  • Trade promos allow you to push products or get rid of old stock

Price list includes:

  • Deals
  • Contract pricing
  • Volume discounts
  • Stock levels

rapidtrade provides their rapidorders system in order to help both the sales rep and customer.

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