Case Studies

Mobilizing Dedicated Solutions

rapidtrade, a long standing sales force software application has been adopted by Dedicated Solutions a division of SuperGroup. Their sales force are now able to enjoy the quick and easy functionality of online trading by swiftly navigating through rapidtrade on an ipad. Simplistic, yet powerful, rapidtrade allows the sales person to view the company profile of a client before walking through the door. The company profile displays the credit availability, payment terms and any other information that has been preloaded and pertains to the client. Whilst visiting the client, the sales rep can view any history affiliated to the client, including previous comments and orders that were made. Once the sales person has identified the client’s order requirements, the order can be placed directly within rapidtrade. A discretionary discount can be awarded at this point as the sales person has the ability to control the net price and discount.

Once the client consents to the order, the manager digitally signs on the sales order directly on the ipad to secure the order. This real time order solution immediately directs the order to the warehouse, allowing for the customer order to be delivered rapidly.

Dedicated Solutions has enjoyed the value of Rapidtrade as sales orders are automated and fed directly into their accounting package. Adrian Lewis, CIO of Supergroup (Pty) Ltd says “Rapidtrade has revolutionised the way we trade within Dedicated Solutions thereby improving our operating efficiencies and ensuring that only the very best service is offered to our clients.”

Rapidtrade decreases the number of credit notes issued by your company due to the sales person being able to view the stock availability whilst visiting the client. By seeing the comments and order history, the sales rep can appreciate making calculated decisions to assist with concluding the sale. Shaun Enslin, Rapidtrade says, “Not only are sales reps able to place orders online, they are also able to set up and work to a call cycle thus ensuring that all clients are visited.

Rapidtrade mobile drives sales

Rapidtrade Consulting, a South African software development company developed and launched a mobile sales application called Rapidtrade in 2009. At the beginning of 2012 Supergroup (Pty) Ltd went live with the Rapidtrade sales application on mobile tablet devices to empower their van sales staff in the procurement and replenishment process of various retail stores.

The Rapidtrade system provides a fully automated end-to-end process from order placement to on-the-spot invoice printing. This allows van sales staff to replenish stock items from their vans there and then. Adrian Lewis, CIO of Supergroup (Pty) Ltd says “Rapidtrade Mobile has considerably simplified van sales stock management and increased our service levels.”

The mobile system integrates back into Supergroup’s backend inventory system, which enables
Supergroup to have a complete picture of what stock is currently available on each van at any point in time. This transparency gives Supergroup the ability to replenish van stock levels effectively.
Rapidtrade also includes a sales activity management tool, Rapidtargets, which provides benefits to both Supergroup management and sales reps alike. Rapidtargets allows managers to monitor and manage the van sales reps’ day-to-day activities, which rolls up to the predetermined sales rep’s KPIs.

Through this tool, the manager is empowered to make key strategic decisions to ensure that his/her sales force is operating at maximum efficiency. Sales reps are able to track and trace their activities which are managed through an easy-to-use ‘MS Outlook’-type calendar and match these activities to their targets and in turn their KPIs.

Clive Cikes, Rapidtrade says “We would like to help companies become more competitive and stay competitive through innovation.”

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