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Sales Rep And Order Management Systems

With rapidtargets you are also able to:

  • Help keep your representatives on track
  • Capture important information
  • Ensure issues are reported on
  • Keep tabs on lead history
  • Ensure representative see customers
  • Track record of representatives’ whereabouts through reports


rapidorders offers competitive rates to all clients looking for order management systems. Your business will add value to consumers and keeps representatives up to speed:

  • Allows customers to see your showroom
  • No paper based deal sheets
  • Order confirmation gets directly to you and your customers
  • Provide your customer with the correct price on the spot
  • Trade promos allow you to push products or get rid of old stock

Price list includes:

  • Deals
  • Contract pricing
  • Volume discounts
  • Stock levels


  • Selling off a van, or making deliveries has never been easier
  • Sell stock out of your van, on the road, and from store to store
  • Request stock
  • Replenish stock
  • GRV’s


  • Ensure that you get proof of deliveries instantly
  • Have the customer sign proof of delivery
  • Have proof of delivery mailed to the customer and to your administrator
  • Use Waze to navigate your driver
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