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rapiddelivery is the answer to the delivery process. This includes the active transportation of stock, best routes, on-time delivery and processing delivery of stock with the clients.

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Van Sales, through rapidtrade, wants to help your business sell your products and move stock as effectively as possible.

With rapiddelivery a business will now have the opportunity to take the warehouse to the customer. In essence the delivery service of any business will become streamlined which makes for a simple transaction.

With this, you will see that your vans will be a tool to be used. It will be an asset for the sale itself, but also in providing sales representatives the opportunity to produce invoices and credit note.

There is no need for paperwork as everything is done with rapidtrade. We help you to manage everything as it is happening, instantly. This is an improvement than the traditional sense of waiting to get back to the office to get everything processed, sorted and filed.



  • Selling off a van, or making deliveries has never been easier
  • Sell stock out of your van, on the road, and from store to store
  • Request stock
  • Replenish stock
  • GRV’s


VanSales makes it much easier to get the stock to the consumer. This will help in customer satisfaction. Through the use of the sales activity management, you will be able to get to more customers in a shorter period and with much better results.

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Electronic Proof Of Delivery

ePod is a great way to ensure that your drivers are planning their routes in the most effective way. This includes traffic, delivery routes and time, and weather. This will all form part of ensuring that deliveries get to where they need to be in the best amount of time.

Getting to your customers in the right time is always a bonus. Reliability and efficiency is not something that you can talk about, it needs to be delivered.

ePod looks at the details. Everything will be structured to streamline approaches, including the data capturing after the sale has been completed.

Confirmation of the delivery will be sent to the in-house accounts department of your business instantly. This helps to keep track of all deliveries and sales, which also keeps track on sales rep productivity.

  • Ensure that you get proof of deliveries instantly
  • Have the customer sign their proof of delivery
  • Have the proof of delivery mailed to the customer and to your administrator
  • Use Waze to navigate your driver


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