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Hardware Industries

Hardware industries require order management and online tracking systems for success. rapidtrade provides a whole host of different products which ensure that a company’s services are streamlined.

As such, we supply hardware companies with the necessary tools to run the day to day and long term tasks in the best way possible.

When you begin to utilize the online tracking systems you will find yourself in a strong position. This comes down to the ability to access information at all times with and without internet access.

On top of this, automation allows for a multitude of tasks to be managed correctly. This guarantees that everything is done exactly on time.

There will be no need for companies in the hardware industries to have to carry out admin. All data and information is collected, stored and transformed.

Take a look at a quote from one of our clients Matus:

“Matus is currently enjoying approximately 16.5% of its monthly turnover on a business to business basis via the online Rapid Trade ordering system. Customers are able to update and receive Matus pricelist while viewing current stock on hand.” – Matus

The hardware industry requires efficiency due to the fact that products are always in high demand. One mistake can cause massive losses for a company. Therefore, the use of an online tracking system stabilizes the entire supply process. It takes into account inventory, best routes and allows consumers to track the delivery of products.

When you incorporate the rapidtrade system into your day to day and long term plans you ensure time saving. The more time you save, the simpler other tasks become. Being mobile is an asset.

A decrease in time wasting ensures that your employees can handle the stress. This includes having to take orders, deliver products and ensuring payments have been received.

The industry gains more from an effective online tracking system. Likewise, the fact that the systems are cloud-based provides an ease of updates and improvements. The systems are on the premises and in the hands of the employees and as such can be updated on the go.

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