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Rapidtrade is proud to provide our order management systems to a wide variety of industries. One such industry includes the food industry. The market is tough and competitive and as such, having cutting edge ordering systems can mean the difference between success and failure.

The incorporation of online tracking systems has lead to a streamline in each department’s performance. This is down to the ability to access data and information at all times. Moreover, the implementation of automation in a number of different tasks ensures time is managed effectively.

Take a look at a quote from one of our clients Alpen Foods:

“We have used rapidtrade for the past couple of years. We have found the staff to be helpful, insightful, informative and offer an exceptional client service.

The system we are using at present has benefited the company in ensuring our pricing is correct on our invoices to clients. At the same time it gives us more comfort over maintenance of our promotion/cycle deals on a daily basis.” – Alpen Foods

The food industry requires efficiency simply because of the fast moving nature of goods. On top of this, one slip up can cost a company in terms of the view in their reliability. It is a highly stressful industry.

When you incorporate the rapidtrade system into your day to day and long term plans you ensure time saving. The more time you save, the simpler other tasks become. Being mobile is an asset.

A decrease in time wasting ensures that your employees can handle the stress. This includes having to take orders, deliver products and ensuring payments have been received.

The industry gains more from an effective online tracking system. Likewise, the fact that the systems are cloud-based provides an ease of updates and improvements. The systems are on the premises and in the hands of the employees and as such can be updated on the go.

Inventory is managed for better so that stock is always monitored. This decreases slip ups in not having enough product.

Finally, theft management is also a great asset in the industry as there is virtually no way individuals can take what they shouldn’t without the system picking up errors in stock levels.

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